Richard Starks and Miriam Murcutt - authors

Non-fiction books by Richard Starks
and Miriam Murcutt

Lost in Tibet is a true story of high adventure, cultural conflict and political intrigue - set against the mystical background of pre-Chinese Tibet.
“An amazing story, and an entertaining and well-written book.” – National Geographic Adventure
“A superb recounting of a truly unique high adventure – could not put it down. Outstanding!” – RebeccasReads, giving the book its ‘best in history’ award.

Along the River that Flows Uphill – from the Orinoco to the Amazon is a travel book that weaves the story of the authors’ journey with math, science and reason to explore the risks that are inherent in all adventure travel.
“Five out of five stars. An unforgettably vivid travelogue.” – Midwest Book Review.
“It is creative non-fiction. It is literature, history, geography, adventure. And it is cracking good fun.” - January magazine, awarding the book its ‘best of 2009 non-fiction’.
A Room with a Pew gives an account of a journey the authors took through Spain, staying only in ancient monasteries.
"The authors' use of immersion journalism provides a unique insight into the inner sanctum of the monasteries..." - Kirkus Reviews.
"If you have any inclination to try an offbeat way of seeing Spain, this book will give you options." - Book Pleasures.
"A book that is great fun to read - unreligious, but not sacrilegious... an entertaining book that sheds a lot of light on an important element of Spain, and gives very practical information about the way you might go about sleeping with nuns." - A Traveler's Library.

Greenland for $1.99 is a short ebook - illustrated by more than twenty photographs - that gives an account of the authors' journey inside the Arctic Circle.
"I recommend this book to any armchair traveler, and I'll be reading the authors' other books too!” - Shannon, Goodreads reviewer.
"The authors’ sense of adventure and straight-forward writing style left me with a desire to pack my bags and make the trek to Greenland.” - Megan Barker Bowen, Amazon reviewer

Fiction - by Richard Starks
A fast-paced crime thriller about money and the two emotions - fear and greed - that so often surround it.
"This is a fast paced thriller with an ingenious plot." - Michael, Amazon reviewer.