Richard Starks

I'm a former journalist, editor and publisher, and now a full-time writer.

I was born in England and raised there and in the United States and Scotland.

I graduated with a couple of science degrees, before I emigrated to Canada to work first on a business magazine and then on The Financial Post newspaper, where I won an award for distinguished financial reporting. It was there, in my twenties, that I also had the first of my novels published.

After several years in Canada, I returned to the United Kingdom where, with Miriam Murcutt, I set up a publishing company that produced an annual directory, ran an associated web site, and organized a series of direct-mail marketing programs.

After selling the business, I moved to the United States to live in Boulder, Colorado.

I'm the author of nine books, including three novels (a political thriller, a financial thriller, and a crime novel), a non-fiction book on economics, and the novelization of a horror movie-script by the film director, David Cronenberg.

I have also written for television.

When Im not writing, I enjoy traveling, running, long-distance hiking in mountains and canyons, biking and reading.

Miriam Murcutt

I am a writer, editor and former marketing executive with extensive experience in the travel and the publishing industries.

I was born and educated in the United Kingdom, where I graduated with a Master of Arts degree, majoring in English Literature and Sociology.

After graduation I worked as a writer and editor on consumer and business magazines in England and Canada, before I switched into the sales and marketing side of the publishing business.

I've won several marketing awards.

Ive been a long-time (sometimes even diligent) student of Spanish, which was invaluable when we were researching - and interviewing for one of our books, A Room with a Pew.

When Im not sitting at a desk, writing or reading, I like to move around as much as possible, preferably in the outdoors. The landscapes of Utah, Colorado - and the American West in general - hold a special place in my heart.

I work full-time as a writer, and have co-authored four books - all with Richard Starks.

We are now working together on a new manuscript this one fiction and hope to have it completed in the very near future.

Richard Starks and Miriam Murcutt are both members of the Authors' Guild.