Want to review Along the River that Flows Uphill?

We're looking for adventurous travelers (armchair or otherwise) who will post an Amazon review of Along the River that Flows Uphill - from the Orinoco to the Amazon

The book tells the story of a journey we made along a strange river in Venezuela called the Casiquiare - a river that links the Orinoco to the Amazon by (apparently) flowing uphill.

It describes our river-boat travels, an encounter with Yanomami Indians (renowned for their violence), and our brush with a group of FARC guerillas. It also considers the dangers that are inherent in any off-the-map travel.

If you would like to review our book, we'd be happy to send you a copy. Please get in touch using the 'Contact' page on this site, or email us at starksmurcutt@​msn..com.

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In our book, A Room with a Pew - sleeping our way through Spain's ancient monasteries, we give an account of a journey we made through Spain, staying only in ancient monasteries.

Our book is not a guide book, but it does include a chapter on how you can plan a similar journey of your own.

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